What enthusiastic clients are saying...

"Words can't describe the presence of God that filled the room as Lynette played for my mom. Her gift is very evident and she must be here more often."
J.H. ICU, St. Bernardine Medical Center

"The harp music is so healing. Our entire unit became quiet and relaxed, the alarms didn't go off nearly as much. The staff and patients loved Lynette's beautiful harp music!!"
J.T., Rn. Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

"I am a bariatric patient and fell into respiratory arrest. Your harp music calmed my spirit during this difficult time, and I thank you with all of my heart. It was wonderful!"
W.H., St. Bernardine Medical Center

"Our patients at the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center have expressed their appreciation and encouragement for Lynette's harp music which defrays the tension and anxiety before, during and after chemotherapy treatments."
Cherie Rudoll, RN, Administrative Director PVHMC

"Lynette "transformed" our pediatric ward with her beautiful, gentle, harp music. The children who were experiencing severe pain were touched by this "special treatment" which soothes the souls of many patients in deep emotional turmoil. I feel that it greatly enhances the healing process."
Dr. Agnes Horvath, Pediatric Oncologist/Hematologist, Kaiser Fontana

Dear Ms. Edelson:
I was delighted to read the recent article in The Sun highlighting your wonderful work as a harpist with the St. Bernardin Medicla Center's music ministry. Your valuable efforts in providing solace to the Hospital's patients through your music has benefited many lives, both young and old, and serves as a model for us all.
Thanks for making a difference. And I wish you the very best in your vitally important responsibilities.


Albert K. Karnig
California State University, San Bernardino, CA