Lynette has enjoyed playing the harp for over 20 years and specializes in the field of therapeutic harp. She founded the award-winning community service program, Compassionate Harps™ in 1997, in which therapeutic harpists, supported by grants and foundations, played for the seriously ill. Employed as a hospital harpist for 17 years at 2 hospitals and with her studio of harp therapy and vibroacoustic harp therapy™, she has seen amazing improvements in anxiety, pain and emotional issues for many people.

Music has been a great part of Lynette’s life since she was 7 when she talked her parents into getting her a piano and lessons. This love for music continued throughout her life. Her passion for the harp came following her experience of being with her mother as she lost her battle with cancer and how important sound, vibrations and music were to her comfort. After discovering her first harp and taking lessons on this incredible instrument, she fell in love with it, and her passion began.

In the following years, Lynette played for weddings and special events yet her passion with the harp always led her to using it for wellness and spiritual comfort.

She received two certifications in harp therapy – CTHP from the International Harp Therapy Program, and VAHTP from the Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy Program, extremely valuable training programs.

As a speaker and workshop presenter on the subject of sound, vibration and the harp, she also provides sound baths for experiencing mindfulness with music, as well as private sessions of harp therapy and vibroacoustic harp therapy at her studio in Alta Loma, California.

Lynette believes that harp is one modality to help keep us balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually.  She would love to hear from you!


Therapeutic Harpist -St. Bernardine Medical Center and Community Hospital San Bernardino American String Teacher’s Association-member

NSBTM National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musician-founding member

American Harp Society, Inland Valley Chapter-member

Award -Cancer Pain Relief-SCCPI-Southern California Cancer Pain Initiative