Hi!  I’m Lynette Edelson, founder of HealthCare Harps, and I welcome you!

As a professional harpist and having been employed in the field of therapeutic harp at 2 hospitals for many years, I understand the desire that many people have to uplift themselves and ease physical and emotional pain.

Being a CTHP (certified therapeutic harp practitioner) and VAHTP (certified vibroacoustic harp therapy practitioner), I’ve seen the amazing results that live harp music has on physical symptoms such as anxiety, blood pressure, pain as well as the emotional comfort it brings. Employed as a hospital harpist for 17 years, and having founded the award-winning community harp therapy program, Compassionate Harps™, it’s become my passion to support well-being and create a positive healing environment for health care situations.

The harp is specifically effective in therapeutic settings being the most resonant of all instruments.  The strings are plucked openly, thus creating unique overtones. The human ear cannot hear all of the overtones, but we do feel and react to them.

The trained therapeutic harpist plays in harmony with the patient with the intention of alleviating symptoms while providing emotional, physical and spiritual comfort. In today’s busy and frantic world, the vibrations of the harp provided in a gentle and mindful way, can bring a sense of balance and peace – like a warm hug on a fall day.

Laying on a vibroacoustic mat or chair which is connected to a harp with at least 36 strings, and feeling the wonderful vibrations as the harp is played live, is often described as a musical massage. When people come to my home studio to experience this extraordinary treatment, they say such things as “I feel like I am floating above myself!” or “I feel so comforted”

My passion for the harp began as a result of being with my mother during her cancer journey, and finally, losing her. My experiences with her taught me how important beautiful live music is to those experiencing a terminal illness and how it can help pain. After renting my first harp and taking lessons on this incredible instrument, I fell in love with it.

In the following years, I began to explore the amazing qualities of the harp and how it can help people as an adjunct to medical care. This was a brand new field at the time.  Realizing the importance of having specific training, I became certified in 2001 with IHTP (International Harp Therapy Program) and also certified in VAHT™ (Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy). These programs proved to be extremely valuable to me in my future harp therapy work.

In 1997 I founded Compassionate Harps™, a community harp program. Our harpists,  trained through our internal certification program, were paid by grants to play in the homes and hospitals of the seriously ill and dying. Compassionate Harps™ received many awards and recognition for our work with cancer patients and the elderly, though the most profound reward was in knowing that sharing our harp music benefited those in most need of it.

As a speaker and workshop presenter at the workplace and privately on the subject of sound, vibrations and the harp, I also provide sound baths (which, in fact, is not a bath at all!), rather it helps the attendees experience mindfulness with music. Hospital visits can be set up privately as well.

I  believe that when we feel healthy, we have an awareness of well-being and are in tune. Harp therapy is one modality that can help keep us balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually. So let’s work together to support what your body wants!  Please feel free to mail me at: Lynette@HeathCareHarps.com or call me at ………….

I look forward to hearing from you.